The thousand or so employees at Bauwerk make the company what it is. We speak a lot of different languages, come from different backgrounds and have different interests. The one thing that unites us is our enthusiasm and love for the living material... wood.

Different people with a common purpose in life

Peter Zellweger, at Bauwerk since 1989

Peter Zellweger
Manager Production St. Margrethen
at Bauwerk since 1989

"Everything that we have achieved over the past 25 years in the world of parquet flooring is simply immense. The range has been continuously extended and the processes constantly improved. However, despite the numerous new technologies, working by hand is still extremely important in the processing of wood just as it always has been. This is surely also the reason why after handling wood for so many years I still get so much pleasure from my work. The feel and smell of the wood, and at the end seeing what wonderful products it can make, fascinates me every day without fail."

Delveta Zeric, at Bauwerk since 1993

Delveta Zeric
at Bauwerk since 1993

"It means a lot to me to feel the wood under my fingers every day and to know that I am responsible for the quality of Bauwerk Parkett's products. It is enjoyable to work with this natural raw material and I like imagining how at some point in time, little children will be playing and racing their toy cars over this flooring. I have been working as a Sorter at Bauwerk for over 20 years, and during this time a million floorboards have passed through my hands. But I am sure that not one of them was exactly the same as another; each has its own unique beauty. That is what makes my work exciting every day."

Christoph Schneider, at Bauwerk since 2001

Christoph Schneider
Manager Quality Assurance Bauwerk Boen Switzerland
at Bauwerk since 2001

"Bauwerk's products are already among the healthiest on the world market. As a trained carpenter, wood and nature are very important to me. It is my personal mission to fashion healthy and sustainable wood  for the homes of our customers and to guarantee the naturalness of our products – not just as an employee of Bauwerk, but also as the socio-ecologically aware father of four children."

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