There are many good reasons why parquet flooring is a good idea. We have listed the most important advantages here.
Room with Bauwerk Parkett Cleverpark Avorio

1. Natural

Vibrant, touches the senses, genuine: Wooden floors fill rooms with natural charm through their unique diversity.

2. Healthy living

Good air is vital! Our parquet floors are made with materials that ensure healthy living and offer a sense of well-being in personal living areas. So you can breathe freely.

3. Ecological

Wood is a natural renewable resource. Sustainable forestry ensures that the amount of wood used does not exceed the amount that regrows or is reforested.

4. Individual

Wood is always an original and each board, each piece is unique. Furthermore, various products can be individually combined.

5. Pleasant

Parquet floors create a warm, cosy atmosphere and feel particularly pleasant when walked on barefoot.

6. Timelessly beautiful

Wood is timelessly beautiful and parquet is a true classic in this sense, whether it is in a period home or in an attic conversion, in a lounge or in a bathroom.

7. Easy to maintain

Cleaning the various surfaces is absolutely no problem at all. You'd be hard pushed to find another type of flooring that is easier to clean than parquet.

8. Long-lasting

Parquet is a type of flooring that lasts for a long time. If it is properly cared for, parquet can last for generations and even become more beautiful with age. If necessary, it can also be sanded down and refinished numerous times.

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