Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating systems provide such pleasant living comfort. All Bauwerk parquet floors are basically suitable for this type of heating.
Feet on Bauwerk parquet

Bauwerk parquet can be installed on underfloor heating that is heated by electricity or warm water. However, it must be possible to regulate the temperature of the surface. The whole time it is in use, no area on the parquet surface may exceed 29 °C.

Wooden flooring with several layers tend to swell and shrink a lot less than solid wooden floors. Even different types of wood differ in this respect. If wood that is more prone to swelling and shrinking is used (e.g. beech and maple), larger gaps and cupping should be anticipated when the heating is on. These can be counteracted with a healthy room climate.

Bauwerk recommends:
– a room temperature of 20°C to 22°C
– a relative indoor humidity of 30 to 65 %
– humidifier in the room during heating periods