Parquet flooring in the bathroom

Parquet provides for pleasant warmth in the bathroom and is problem-free when properly cared for.
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    Cleverpark Oak Sasso

New sense of well-being in the bathroom

A bathroom with walls and flooring made from real wood feels so pleasantly warm. The perceived warmth of the room is as much as two degrees higher than the actual temperature. So that you may enjoy the pleasure of walking barefoot on the parquet flooring in your bathroom for a long time to come, there are a few points worth noting:

› Type of wood:
The most suitable types of wood are hard woods such as oak or even exotic woods, because when they get wet, they do not tend to fade or swell very much.

› Installation and initial care work:
The floor should be installed by a qualified specialist using the full area bonding method.
The initial care work should also be carried out by a qualified specialist.

› Ventilation:
Make sure there is sufficient ventilation in the bathroom.

› Standing water:
Standing water should be wiped up very quickly after every bath or shower.

Parquet in the bathroom