Parquet details

The extensive Bauwerk assortment offers parquet floors with different surfaces, structures and looks. The various terminology is explained here.
Bauwerk parquet details

Surface treatments

Natural oiled

The wood is treated with natural oils, which impregnate the wood and thus protect the surface from within. The natural oil preserves the naturalness of the wood.


B-Protect® is a new kind of lacquering from Bauwerk. It offers the protective characteristics of an improved sealant. At the same time, it is completely invisible and preserves the natural look and feel of the wood.


Lacquering is an impregnating surface treatment consisting of several applications of paper-thin layers of lacquer. We differentiate between three different levels of gloss: satin lacquered and matt lacquered.

Natural waxed

The surface of the Master Edition is treated with natural waxes and oils. This accentuates the naturalness of the wood's surface and at the same time achieves a lasting and tough surface.


Bauwerk building block parquet is supplied without a treated surface. The surface is treated on site. The Prepark and Prepark Komfort products come with a lacquered surface.

Surface structures


Smooth surfaces are referred to as being sanded. If the structure is not mentioned, the parquet has a sanded, smooth surface.

Brushed / Deep brushed

Brushing brings out a fine, tangible wood structure.

Structure groove / Sawn

Structure groove and sawn surfaces have a strong structure that is both visible and clearly tangible.

Used Look

Used Look refers to old trimmed-to-fit surfaces. It has worn edges and surfaces with imperfections to give it that used look.


Bevel or chamfer is the term used for a slightly tapered edge. Overall, the character of the board is emphasised through a bevel. If the boards do not have any bevels, the space seems quiet and flat. With a bevel on all four sides, each individual board has an optically stronger presence. With a bevel on two sides, in other words only on the long sides, the room seems optically lengthened.


Wood is a multifaceted natural product and every board is a unique piece. Bauwerk ranks the individual boards according to its appearance using the so-called Grading Index. The Grading Index ranges from 1 to 5. Each grade represents a wood characteristic like the "mirror" (=medullary rays), large and small knots, sapwood (= water–bearing capillaries) and various strengths of interplay of colours. Number 1 is very regular and uniform, number 5 stands for a characterful and lively look. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 represent the grading in between. Grading 15 means that all the wood characteristics from 1 to 5 can be included. A grading of 34, on the other hand, only contains the wood characteristics 3 and 4.

The basic rule is that the smaller the number, the less variation there is in the assortment, the bigger it is, the more rustic it will look. It must also be noted that the wood characteristics vary depending on the format and so may vary considerably in appearance.

Sorting 13 (left) Sorting 35 (right)