Parquet selection

Colour, format, surface finish, size of room, budget: Lots of factors play an important role when choosing the right parquet flooring. With our wide range of parquet styles, we have the right flooring for every setting.
Parquet selection Bauwerk

In 7 steps to your parquet floor

1. Type of wood and colour

The colour of the wood makes the biggest impact on the room. Nature offers a complete spectrum from light cream colours to the rich honey tones and the deep dark brown. Other colours can be achieved through light pigmentation or other special processes.

2. Format

The suitable format depends on the size of the room and the style of the interior decoration. Generally short boards for small rooms, large sized 1-Strip-Plank for large rooms. With the smaller formats you can have various patterns, whilst the 1-Strip-Planks empower large rooms breadth and depth.

3. Treatment of the surfaces

The surface finish is the protective layer on which people come and go. There are three fundamental types of surface treatment:
› Lacquer
Applying several layers of lacquer seals the the wooden surface. Bauwerk offers a range of lacquered surfaces: B-Protect®, matt lacquered and lacquered. The main difference between these variants is the degree of gloss.
› Natural oil
The wood is treated with natural oils, which impregnate the wood and protect the surface from within.
› Natural waxes
The surface is treated with natural waxes and oils to bring out the natural structure of the wood and create a durable and hard-wearing surface.

4. Structures and bevelled edges

The uniqueness of the wood can be emphasised through various handicraft methods.
Brushing brings out a fine, tangible wood structure and allows for subtle differences in the reflected light. Planed and sawn surfaces lend an especially high degree of authenticity. Bevelled edges strengthen the format and guide the light.

5. Grading

Wood can appear both full of life and also very uniform and regular. The great art in the manufacturing of parquet is to make the most even and consistent grading possible.

In simple terms, we differentiate between two styles:
› even grading which has no or very few knots
›  very lively, characterful grading that has knots, cracks and differences in colour.

There are many different variations in between, which are determined at Bauwerk Parkett with a Grading Index.

6. Style of installation

The most widely used is the "Shipdeck". However, patterned installations are on the rise: Traditional patterns like the "Herringbone", the "Ladder pattern" or the symmetrical "English installation" have been updated.

7. Budget

The price of the parquet is largely determined by the type of wood, the format and the treatment of the surface. With quality parquet in various price ranges, Bauwerk offers the right parquet for every budget.

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