Parquet is a type of flooring that lasts for a long time. Nevertheless, it may need to be refinished or restored after a few years. But even in the case of a renovation, parquet is a high quality replacement for an existing floor covering.
Renovating Bauwerk Parkett surfaces

Refinish your parquet

If cared for properly, parquet will last for generations, a claim other floor coverings find hard to live up to. It can always be refinished with the corresponding cleaning and care products.

Repairing parquet

Of course one cannot exclude the possibility that it will need repairing at some point. If the surface is damaged, there is discolouration or if the floor is simply put under too much stress, the individual planks can be repaired on site or replaced.

A completely new optical appearance is possible on old parquet

Parquet has the beautiful advantage of being easy to restore. It is the only type of floor covering that can be made to look brand new again after years of use, just by sanding it down and treating the surface again. If you want a new colour, the parquet can simply be sanded and then treated with a new colour, giving it a completely new look.

Replacing floor covering with parquet

Parquet is an optimum replacement for an existing floor covering if you are renovating your house or apartment. Let the experts advise you beforehand and take note of things such as:

› transitions to other floor coverings
› connections to stairs
› existing underfloor heating
› the supporting structure