The acacia tree (Robinia pseudoacacia) is a member of the papilionaceae family and comprises more than 1,200 species.

Origins of acacia

The deciduous trees and shrubs were originally native to North America. In the 17th century the species was brought over to Europe where it was initially popular as an ornamental and avenue tree for parks and gardens. As a result there are now a variety of species growing in the wild in Europe.

Properties of acacia wood

The wood is heavy and hard and its strength values are considerably higher than those of oak. It is difficult to split, it is also tough and elastic.
The wood from Acacia trees can withstand decades of the harshest weather conditions. Once it is dried, it is highly resilient. Tests have shown that acacia wood remains durable for over 80 years.

Acacia is the only wood cultivated in Europe that complies with resistance class 1, making it suitable for outside use without being impregnated.

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