Like the maple, ash is one of the noble hardwoods. Ash is a light, very strong and resilient wood with a distinctive grain pattern.

Traditions with ash

The name of the tree can be attributed to Old English "aesc": this means "spear" or "bow",  which indicates the uses of this tree.  The ash is believed to be a symbol for life, strength and nearness to heaven; in the Germanic Edda legend, the world ash tree "Yggdrasil" is the centre of the universe for all creatures.
Ash is said to have defensive powers against evil. That is how its sap can protect against snakebites and its wood (when sewn into the clothing) can clot bleeding wounds. Even the fishermen believe it has a special magic. If parts of the boat are made from ash, this will protect those aboard from drowning.

Appearance and properties of ash

The wood is very light in colour and has large pores. It is particularly suitable for staining. i.e. colouring. Its resilient properties combined with its hardness make ash wood a popular choice for sports equipment and the handles of tools (hammers, axes, shovels).
Due to its resistance against wear and tear, ash is also ideal for floorboards and parquet flooring.

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