Cherry is part of the rose family. The native species is particularly important for the production of quality wood. Because of its attractive reddish-brown colouring, cherry is a popular wood for decorative items and it is also used in making musical instruments.

Traditions with cherry

Its red fruit are a symbol of love, passion and beauty. As with all kinds of fruit, the cherry tree is considered to be "female". It is closely linked to the fertility cult. On Barbara Day, the 4th of December, people used to put up cherry branches in the lounge. Each branch was meant to represent the potential suitors of the less decisive girls. The first branch to blossom was supposed to point to the chosen one.

Appearance and use of the cherry and its wood

Because the cherry blooms early on and in such abundance, it is the ultimate plant for bees. In autumn its red leaves brighten up the landscape. 
Cherry wood has a uniform structure with fine pores and dense fibres. The colours of cherry wood range from a yellowish or reddish brown to an intense red-brown.
Cherry wood was already used for making furniture in the Baroque period. Today it is used as solid or veneer wood in the demanding world of interior design. It is used for (period) furniture, wall panelling and parquet flooring as well as for turned artefacts and inlays.

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