Jatoba, also known as Brasilian cherry, comes from the Amazon rainforests. Bauwerk only uses certified jatoba wood (FSC 100%).

Appearance of jatoba

Jatoba wood stands out because of its reddish-brown colouring which has a certain shine.  Crisscrossed with a gentle grain, jatoba wood has a decorative and elegant look. When freshly cut, the heartwood has an orange-brown to violet colour that darkens quickly to a reddish brown. It is mostly very ornamental, streaked with darker veins.

Properties and use of jatoba wood

Jatoba is a relatively hard hardwood and because of its good to excellent properties it is used for parquet flooring and stairs.
Particularly noteworthy in these parquet floors, which are almost knotless, is their exceptional hardness. Correspondingly a lot more effort is required in processing this above-average hardness.

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