As well as being an important deciduous tree for European forests, the oak also plays a significant role in the timber industry. The most prominent species used for the production of oak wood is the English oak, also referred to as the common oak or the pedunculate oak.

The oak has always stood for important values

Oak has always symbolised steadfastness and strength, endurance and hardness as well as resistance and patient maturation. The wood from the oak is believed to protect virtue, reveal the truth and revitalise new energy.

Appearance and use of oak

Oak wood has a grey-yellow to yellow-brown core which distinguishes itself from the colour of the surrounding sap wood. The growth rings are clearly visible in the oak and give it a uniform grain, which is characterised with either very narrow or broad streaks. When used as beams in half-timbered buildings, oak can even endure for up to several hundred years. Because of its resistance to moisture and its distinctive aroma, oak is used to produce casks to store wine, whiskey or sherry.

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