Defining Living Space

People choose Bauwerk Parquet to define their living space consciously according to their needs. We understand this desire and view our unique parquet as a stage for a wide variety of living styles and forms as well as worlds where we live and work.

Living consciously means intensively dealing with your environment, being open to new things, setting something in motion, doing the right thing – a project with a thousand facets and steps. You change – yourself, your environment, your life – with ease and joy in the details.

Arriving, being at home, feeling good, surrounded by things that become good friends and tell stories. Memories of distant places, trusted people and distinctive events come together – multifaceted, rich in contrasts. And still they speak a language and embody a unique style. Their style. Bauwerk Parquet is an expression of this type of living and a sustainable basis at the same time. Change evolves to constancy: Living space – for you and for your environment.

Bauwerk Parquet. Defining living space.


You will find much to know, inspire and new about the conscious defining of living space in our magazine - by people for people, who value wood and love beautiful products.