Healthy Living

Unobstructed breathing is healthy and improves our sense of well-being. Bauwerk uses healthy materials to manufacture top-quality wooden floors for your personal living space.
Bauwerk Wohngesund

In the livingenvironment where we spend most of our time, a pleasant ambient climate, especially good air, is essential for our well-being.

Good air guaranteed
Having been awarded the "healthy living" certification, Bauwerk is the first parquet manufacturer to offer its customers exactly that: a pleasant living atmosphere without undesirable emissions polluting the air. Its Sentinel-Haus certification allows the company to offer a unique guarantee: House builders and their families may rest assured that all products in the Bauwerk range come without undesirable volatile organic compounds, ensuring that there is no concealed discharge of noxious substances into the ambient air. Choose a healthy living environment that complies with MINERGIE-ECO® standards!

Enjoying the natural power of wood
Our healthy floors are not only pleasant for the nose, they are also balm for the eyes and the soul. Many people can sense the power emanating from wood. Let yourself be enchanted, touch the surfaces, feel the structures, soak up the scent. Enjoy the sense of well-being in your living environment – provided by the wood of your choice.

Sentinel-Haus® Certification

Sentinel-Haus Zertifizierung

The Sentinel-Haus Institut (SHI) in Freiburg (Germany) is among the leading institutes in the fields of healthy building and living. The SHI certifies construction materials that have been subjected to extensive analysis and tested for harmful substances. To date, Bauwerk is the only parquet manufacturer to have become a Sentinel concept partner. The Bauhaus label guarantees that its products are approved for the Sentinel-Haus Institut by independent testing institutions.