Swiss Tradition

Bauwerk, the Swiss company with a long tradition, has been manufacturing top quality parquet with characteristic Swiss steadfastness and precision since 1935.
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Ernst Göhner laid the foundation for the renowned company more than 70 years ago. His pioneering spirit lives on in numerous Bauwerk innovations. The company᾿s innovative strength finds expression in regular new product developments as well as Bauwerk᾿s active support of the concept of innovation at Swiss universities.

Wood knowledge grown over decades

Our staff at Bauwerk have a passion for wood and its precise processing. Wood has dominated the company᾿s history since the beginning: In the early years, Ernst Göhner drew on his wood processing expertise to manufacture wooden bodyworks for the German car industry, earning himself a place in automobile history. In 1935, Bauwerk developed the patented mosaic parquet. Nine years later, production was moved to St. Margrethen. Over the following decades, the company developed into the leading Swiss parquet specialist.

Manufacturing in Switzerland

Bauwerk Parkett Aussenansicht Hauptsitz Schweiz

We will continue to expand our Swiss production site. Today, over 60% of our products are manufactured at St. Margrethen and further investments are being made in our company head office. At the Swiss factory, a professional team of 300 reliable employees is working hard to fulfil the needs of our customers. Worldwide, Bauwerk is employing 500 members of staff. In order to highlight the company᾿s roots, we have established the Centre of Parquet, including the World of Parquet and a training centre, at our headquarters in St. Margrethen. Swiss tradition is a mainstay of our Bauwerk philosophy.