Parquet Information

An entirely new world opens up as soon as you begin to deal with the topic parquet. We have prepared some short descriptions about the most important characteristics and features of parquet to help to get started quickly.


Your personal lifestyle is the decisive factor for making a selection. Choose parquet flooring that suits you and underscores your mood, architecture and furnishings.


The amount of light, its direction, intensity and colour (for example, artificial light) all have a decisive influence on the impression created by parquet. For example, you can guide the light in a room with long bevelled edges or create interesting reflections with an oiled floor.

Bauwerk Parkett Pyramide Lichtverhältnisse

Light has an essential influence on how we perceive colours. In our Parkettwelt showrooms, we have a time-lapse simulation of natural daylight during a typical day. You will be amazed how your perception of colour changes.


Modern parquet floors do much to clearly reveal the character of the wood. With deep knots and patched cracks, they reveal their closeness to the original raw material. Other finishing is done with planed or sawn surfaces. Many forms of finishing lead to an especially pleasant, unique feeling underfoot.


Good air is important – and wood contributes to this. Healthful-living parquet floors from Bauwerk Parquet make sure that you can breathe easily. In addition, the natural characteristics of wood allow the floor to work like a natural air conditioner and the smooth surfaces make a fundamental contribution to good hygiene.

Wood origin

The origin of different types of wood always is somewhat mirrored in its heritage – Nordic ash and oak from cool northern light to the warmth of Brazilian jatoba. All types of wood at Bauwerk Parquet have one thing in common: they originate from controlled and – whenever possible – FSC® certified forests. At Bauwerk Parquet, ecological criteria play just as important a role as social responsibility and fair trading with the people on site.


You walk and stand on the surface. Simply put, there are basically two kinds of sealing. Either multiple very thin coats of lacquer for a consistent, smooth surface, or natural oils, which soak into the wood and provide protection from the inside out.


Bauwerk Parquet is the brand, which most certainly has the largest range of products. These include over 400 parquet floors as well as a complete collection of accessories for good design and exceptional architecture – from cleaning and care products to baseboards and skirting boards or complete steps for staircases.

Laying style

The variety of wood types, colours, formats and designs is inexhaustible. Whether they are laid symmetrically English, traditionally herringbone, or unconventionally as in the Vintage Edition: the different ways of laying parquet and the patterns created provide a further design dimension and thus a great deal of room for individuality.