Parquet Selection

We recommend the following process when selecting your parquet so that you find the wood best suited for you:
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1. Type of wood and colour

Many designers consider the type of wood or its colour as particularly distinctive. Oak in particular comes in a wide spectrum of tonal variations. The naturalness of wood is determined by fine pigments, which produce individual, special colour tones, from light-cream colours to rich honey and deep-dark brown. Generally speaking, we differentiate among the light brown tonalities (for example, beech, oak or ash), dark brown tonalities (for example, wenge wood or walnut) and the red woods (jatoba or cherry).

2. Format

The format of the wood surfaces is increasingly a priority. From short pieces to exclusive country home planking, everything is possible. Depending on how it is used and the application, one or the other format is preferred. Country home planking comes across as particularly elegant and lends a room depth and strength when it is laid in large, brightly lit rooms. In smaller rooms, short pieces laid in a special pattern (for example, herringbone) add nobility and that special something.

3. Refinement and structures

The uniqueness of wood can be emphasised through various handcraft methods. Bevelled edges, for example, strengthen the format in a particular way while guiding light. Brushing brings out a fine, tangible wood structure and allows for subtle differences in the reflected light. Planed and sawn surfaces lend an especially high degree of authenticity.

4. Sorting

In every piece of wood, there are cuts with a great deal of life and others that are quieter. The great art in the manufacturing of parquet is make the most even and consistent sortings possible. In simple terms, we differentiate between two styles: the quiet sorting, which has no or few knots or flaming, and the very lively, characterful sorting with knots, cracks and colour differences. In reality, there are naturally many different and more subtle variations, which are determined at Bauwerk Parkett with the wood index.