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Press Releases

New parquet product 2015


One million square metres of Villapark installed!

Awards for "Formpark"

"Best of Best" Iconic Awards 2014 and "Special Mention" German Design Award 2015

New parquet products 2014

Silente technology and Cradle-to-cradle

Bauwerk Boen Group

Opening in Kietaviskes

Bauwerk Boen Group

Pure luxury

With the Silverline Edition, the Swiss parquet manufacturer Bauwerk Parkett has introduced an understated and at the same time luxurious product to the market. Exclusive and unique planking, where the natural material wood is in the spotlight.

Modern Vintage

The Swiss parquet manufacturer is introducing an innovative product to the market with the Vintage Edition. This leading enterprise for parquet flooring in St. Margrethen shows where the future lies in the world of wood flooring.

Interview with Virginia Maissen

Bauwerk Parquet AG developed the Vintage Edition in collaboration with Virginia Maissen of the renowned Gustave agency.

Clarity for claims through new technology

Safely propose parquet

Parquet floors are stylish and timeless. This natural product increases the value of a property and lends it a special character. In addition, solid wood acts as a balancing factor against climate fluctuations, is easy to clean and durable. However, if parquet unexpectedly heaves up or develops open gaps, it is usually complicated and costly to clarify who is liable for the damage. The causes can be many. The new Fidbox now provides indisputable clarity in case of damage – for safe proposals and well-advised investors.

Healthy living with parquet

A completely natural sense of wellbeing

We walk on them with our feet, dance around on them, and look down on them - floor surfaces have to fight with different forms of stress day after day. And this is often the case for the people who live with PVC floors, carpets and laminates: toxic substances and difficult to clean material can namely destroy our sense of wellbeing in our own homes and even cause allergic reactions. With a natural product, such as parquet, this does not happen - and even more so when an independent body controls the quality of the wood before it is laid.

Living naturally with large country home planking

More space for your senses

Experiencing cosy, comfortable hours at home is having the luxury of time. Feeling completely at ease and comfortable - whole - is something that needs to be considered when selecting just the right flooring. Real wood, more than anything else, lends rooms a special, natural atmosphere and enlivens the senses. For this reason, more and more people enjoy the warmth of large-format country home planking.

Parquet – pure enjoyment in place of stressful care

A new living sensation in the kitchen and bath

Amiable, uncomplicated and attractive – parquet is a good thing plain and simple. Because the natural surface of wood is a reliable partner every day. And yet, it is never boring. This is what most participants said in a national survey in Germany conducted by B+L Marktdaten. Nearly 40 per cent of the 1130 respondents said that they had replaced the old flooring in their living room with parquet.