5000 square metres of oak parquet

- pioneering project on Lake Constance

Ecological responsibility and healthy living

Lake Constance is not only a reservoir for drinking water, but also an enormous heater. Even when the water is only 7 degrees in the winter, it heats the ten houses in the Romanshorn Witenzelg complex thanks to the heat pumps. Felix Partner Architektur AG, project initiator and architect of future-oriented housing and commercial developments, not only contributes to this huge saving in fossil fuels and the use of regional resources, but also to the sustainability of the Minergie development. Care was taken to ensure ecological responsibility and healthy living were prioritised even with  the interior design.

The B-Protect® surface coating is water-based and solvent-free

It is not surprising therefore that  Bauwerk Parkett has installed over 5,000 square metres of  Cleverpark oak parquet B-Protect® in rental properties. Thanks to the water-based and solvent-free B-Protect® surface sealant, the floor is very easy to clean, resistant to dirt and scratches - and it still maintains the natural look of a high-quality, oiled parquet floor.

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