Flow Edition - It's a winner!

Bauwerk has radically rethought the whole concept of parquet with its "Flow Edition". The German Design Council has just awarded this world first the "Best-of-Best" at the "Iconic Awards 2016", in the category "Product - Wall, Floor, Ceiling".
  • Flow Edition in Ash "Grigio"

    Flow Edition in Ash "Grigio"

Clear and minimalist: The new product line "Flow Edition" combines the look of a cast floor, with its flowing surface area and uniform colour, with all the advantages of parquet flooring.

Bauwerk's high level of production skills and know-how are the founding stones for such innovative flooring as the "Flow Edition". Now when it comes to designing living areas, architects have the opportunity of integrating a flowing surface that is unobtrusive, elegant and complete, with a wooden flooring.

Real wood parquet in the industrial look

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The "Flow Edition" is available in Bianco, Grigio and Nero. This succinct range reflects the industrial yet warm feel of "Flow Edition" flooring, along with all the other tactile and feel-good factors we all love about parquet. It offers the perfect symbiosis of coolness and warmth.

This completely reinterpreted style of flooring won over the jury at the "Iconic Awards 2016".

The award ceremony is to be held in the double cone of the BMW Welt, on the 4th of October 2016 in Munich, during the Expo Real trade fair.

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