Product Range

Where you live is as unique as your parquet floor. The requirements differ from situation to situation. Exclusive? Trendy? Practical? Safe? Healthful for living? At Bauwerk Parkett, you will certainly find the broadest range of parquet from a major brand and thus also the parquet range – with over 400 parquet floors – that fits to you.

Stimulating start to the year 2014

Bauwerk is now a full-service provider in the parquet sector, offering 2- and 3-layer parquet as well as solid floor boards in proven Bauwerk quality. All products are developed and manufactured by Bauwerk.

Our main new parquet products at a glance:

A new approach to parquet design! Two new, atypical sizes for parquet offering high variety of laying patterns.

The one-strip plank in successful wood species and colours.

Cleverpark Silente
The wooden flooring with improved impact- and ambient sound absorbtion values.

The 3-layer country-style floorboard with character.

3-layer ship decking with 5G-interlocking system.

The completely solid country-style floorboard in three different colours.