Wood Types

Every tree has its own character and its own personality. This uniqueness is found in the structure of the wood and in its colour as well. Naturally, many other characteristics, such as the hardness of the wood or the application possibilities, also play a role. But in the choosing of the right furniture, the careful selection of accessories, and also first and foremost, your personal mood and style, the type and colour of the wood is decisive.

Wood is a wonderful, natural material, which humans have used and trusted since prehistoric times. Wood lives, breathes, and is unmistakable in its characteristics. When we are looking for something special, personal, and authentic, natural wood can play a leading role. In its variety and liveliness, its scent, colour and warm surface, wood provides a festival for the senses. Its variety is home to an enormous breadth of colours and shapes. Its structure and irregularities are part of this and make wood especially beautiful when worked right. In this way, the aura of natural wood lends a comfortable and warm ambience to every home.