Elegant perfection. Create the perfect finish for your room arrangement with our extensive range of skirting.
  • Bauwerk Parkett, bathroom with bright parquet floor in Avena oak with white skirting

    Bright parquet floors Cleverpark Avena oak with Classicline skirting in White

Three clear advantages of Bauwerk skirting

Same type of wood and colour
Bauwerk skirting is available suitable to all wood types in different forms and different surfaces.

Beautiful form finish from floor to wall
The skirting guarantees a clean transition to the wall and covers expansion gaps between the floor and wall effectively.

Cabling can be laid invisibly
Skirting makes it possible to invisibly lay cables and lines. Bauwerk skirting can be mounted in different ways: from visibly screwed to nearly invisible nails and adhesive glued skirting (also invisible), all possibilities are open.

See how the different skirtings influence the room.