Parquet is not just flooring, but rather an authentic and sensory platform for everything that is important to us. It is worth preserving and protecting it. B-Protect® – natural surfaces invisibly protected.
  • Bauwerk Parquet Studiopark, B-Protect®, rovere Crema

    Bauwerk Parquet Studiopark, B-Protect®, Oak Crema

Bauwerk Technology

With the new surface finish B-Protect®, Bauwerk proves once more that it is an innovator and is setting new standards in the sealing of parquet flooring.

The new surface sealant B-Protect® is unique. It offers all the protection features of an improved sealant, but it is completely invisible and preserves the natural look and feel of the wood.

Natural surfaces invisibly protected

Mijo Zeba, Oberflächenspezialist bei Bauwerk Parkett

"Hardly visible to the naked eye – but B-Protect® sustainably protects and preserves the natural look and feel of the wood ."
Mijo Zeba, surface specialist at Bauwerk Parkett

Wood types & colours

Bauwerk Parquet with B-Protect surface treatment comes in 5 different types of wood and a total of 8 different colours. 

B-Protect range: types of wood and colours

The advantages of the new B-Protect® finish

Bauwerk B-Protect - Natural Look

Natural Look
› You can hardly tell the difference
  between B-Protect® and natural, untreated wood
› Very matt look



Bauwerk B-Protect - Best Protection

Best Protection
› B-Protect® protects against dirt
› The pores are closed making it resistant to stains
› Scratches are less visible
› Healthy living: water-based and solvent-free

Bauwerk B-Protect - Easy Care

Easy Care
› No regular care required
› Easy to clean