Two new parquet formats take the residential world by storm. Various new patterns evolve depending on the installation and incidence of light: from calm to vibrant, from classic to avant-garde. It is even possible to have smooth transitions from one pattern to the next.
  • Bauwerk Parkett Formpark Eiche Avorio 14, Ruhe

    Formpark 520 & 780, Oak Avorio 14

Design by Studio Hannes Wettstein

Stephan Hürlemann, Studio Hannes Wettstein.

Stephan Hürlemann, Studio Hannes Wettstein

Studio Hannes Wettstein is a renowned architecture and design office based in Zurich. In the field of architecture, the studio is specialised in the design of interior spaces. Their work involves intelligent room concepts and floor plans as well as architectural materialisations. Numerous projects completed by Studio Hannes Wettstein have won awards.

Awards for Formpark

Formpark has not just successfully won over the market. At the Iconic Awards 2014, the German Design Council awarded Formpark with a "Best of Best" in the "Product" category. At the German Design Award 2015, Formpark was awarded a "Special Mention" in the category of "Building and Energy" for its outstanding design quality.

German Design Award 2015 – "Special Mention" in "Building and Energy"; Iconic Awards 2014 – "Best of Best" in "Product"; Interior Innovation Award 2015 – "Winner 2015"

Formpark website

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Here you can find more information and images for Formpark as well as a configurator where you can experiment with different installation patterns.