Master Edition

The Master Edition combines the competence and experience of two leading parquet flooring manufacturers with a long tradition. Each board tells its own unique story full of passion, aesthetics and a sense of precision.
  • Room with Bauwerk Parkett Master Edition, Oak Nacre

    Master Edition, Oak Nacre

Poetry of light: The Master Edition by Torben Hansen

The Master Edition, masterfully manufactured in the parquet factory, each floor is a unique limited edition. In the light, the beautiful surfaces and fascinating, shimmering colours come into their own. Light brings surfaces, materials and properties to life, creating contrast, an ongoing interplay that will never repeat. The Master Edition is available in the formats of Studiopark, Silverline Edition and Casapark 181.

Schotten & Hansen

Torben Hansen from the parquet manufacturers Schotten & Hansen

Torben Hansen, co-founder, Managing Director and head visionary

The parquet factory was founded by Robert Schotten and Torben Hansen in 1984. With its headquarters in Peiting in Bavaria, the company employs around 110 people and has agencies and showrooms in England, Spain, the USA, Dubai and Hong Kong. Schotten & Hansen worked intensively with leading architects such as Antonio Citterio and Lord Norman Foster.

Style Book Master Edition Studiopark

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