Silverline Edition

Special flooring for special people: The Silverline Edition offers exclusive flooring for people who know and care about design, people who consciously design their living space the way they want it and find it important to have unique and quality material.
  • Room with Bauwerk Parkett Silverline Edition, Oak

    Silverline Edition, Oak

Focusing on what is essential creates space for true individuality

True luxury means having space... and the time to enjoy it. In an increasingly hectic everyday life in the midst of a pulsating urbanity, a growing number of people are creating free space. You want to consciously define your living space with unique, quality materials. Luxury lies in simplicity and reserve; self-assured understatement demonstrates style and individuality. Limiting ourselves to the essentials reveals the measure of all things.

Exclusive length and best workmanship

We created the new Silverline Edition according to this philosophy. With exclusive Silverline floorboards, perfectly prepared, close to three metres in length, make for unique floors, playing with the generous proportions of the room and placing a subtle emphasis on its expansiveness. Oak trees grow slowly and immaculate floorboards in this length are extremely rare. Decades pass before the trees deliver the perfect wood for this format. The characterful grading of Silverline Edition emphasises the uniqueness of the raw material wood – and such every Silverline floor has ist own unique story to tell.

Title page for the Style Book Bauwerk Silverline Edition

Style Book Silverline Edition

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