Vintage Edition

Old and used but still stylishly new: Working together with the designer Virginia Maissen, Bauwerk Parkett created a trendy floor collection, which guarantees pure individuality with 2047 combinations.
  • Bauwerk Parkett Vintage Edition, White, Yellow light & Yellow intense

    Vintage Edition, White, Yellow light & Yellow intense

Vintage Edition by Virginia Maissen

Interior Designer Virginia Maissen from the renowned Studio Gustave in Zurich

Together with Virginia Maissen, Interior Designer at the renowned creative Studio Gustave in Zurich, Bauwerk Parkett literally took the floor when they launched the Vintage Edition. Old and used but still new and trendy: That is how the Vintage Edition presents itself. With its very special patina, it gives rooms character and radiates warmth. It stirs up memories: No two boards are alike, each has its own story to tell.

The Vintage Edition is young, trendy and uncomplicated and gives every room its own special atmosphere. With its different surface colours, structures and installation patterns, Vintage Edition flooring offers an almost unlimited number of design possibilities. That is how visions become a reality, not just at home but also in bars, boutiques, restaurants and shops.

Title page for the Style Book Bauwerk Vintage Edition

Style Book Vintage Edition

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