A home is more than just concrete, wood and furniture; it is about warmth, memories and feeling safe. Every person livens up and designs their own living space in a unique and individual way. This of course includes their choice of flooring. In order to generate inspiration for this big decision, Bauwerk puts together its Artwork collection every year. But this magazine is not just about our products. We celebrate parquet as a way of life with interesting reports about our products and our production.

We hope you enjoy clicking through and reading.

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Not only is it a catalogue full of beautiful photos of parquet, it is also a source of inspiration for your life at home and for your life with parquet. We hope you enjoy browsing and reading, and who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new chapter for your own parquet story.

Bauwerk quality stands for the highest standards and is based on the four pillars of Development, Production, Services and Installation. Using this system, we guarantee top quality at every stage of the production process – and far beyond.
Bauwerk, the company with a long tradition, has been manufacturing parquet for the most exacting demands with great care, precision and passion since 1935. Bauwerk is proud of its origins, but also focuses on innovation.
With the predicate of "Healthy Living", Bauwerk makes an important contribution to a better quality of life. Because the deliberate decision of only using materials that promote healthy living contributes significantly to one's personal well-being indoors.