Forests produce timber, which is a living, growing material. Each individual tree has a natural growth cycle, often over a very extended period of time spanning several generations. Depending on whether it grows from a seed or is planted, the forest's growth develops in its own distinct way. The appearance of a tree reflects its story, influenced by its location and its microclimate, by the composition of the soil and the light it strives towards.

Like brothers, one can talk with trees and share their thoughts and soul. The forest is silent. But it is not mute.  And solace awaits whoever comes here.

Erich Kästner

The awe-inspiring oaks are typically cut down when they are 100 to 120 years old. Logging takes place between November and April, when the trees do not have any sap, which affects the colour of the timber. The sawmill in Đurđevac, Croatia, belonging to the Bauwerk Boen Group converts 250 tree trunks into planks every day, which corresponds to around 100 cubic metres of round timber. As oak is a species that demands a great deal of light and does not thrive in the shadow of other trees, every freshly cut plank has its own structure and colour, depending on whether the tree grew in the middle of the forest or at its edge, if it had to grow in a windy place or in a more humid or dry location.

And when the parquet made from Repaš oak is installed in homes, the life cycle of the trees is concluded and becomes complete. The marvel of nature, that is to say, the living organism of the forest, will only have a future if it is continuously cared for and any felled trees are replaced with new ones. Usage and preservation; sustainability and green economy go hand-in-hand.

In order for this to stay that way, the forest and its trees must be well-kept and cared for. Cultivating a forest and preserving it sustainably for future generations requires understanding and knowledge of its complex ecosystem and of how it develops. Producing raw material for high-quality parquet is an important reason to strive for this understanding and knowledge, resulting in a long-lasting, breath-taking piece of nature in your home.

Oaks cut down in the north-eastern border areas of Croatia form the basis for manufacturing top-quality parquet with various forms and features for the Bauwerk Boen Group. Due to its rich population of oaks spread over 4,218 hectares, the Repaš forest located in the Mur/Drau/Danube biosphere park is one of the most valuable ecosystems in the region. Certified by FSC 25 years ago, it contains 1,106,500 cubic metres of timber, grown in a warm climate, with abundant rainfall. The site is continuously managed by 27 foresters. They, for example, make sure that some older trees are left in the cleared areas, so that birds can nest in them. Logging is always carried out in a sustainable way: The trees are felled according to a carefully developed plan, so as not to endanger the forest’s treasures. Naturally, young trees are planted in place of the cleared ones.



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The forest is a place where astonishing things happen: trees communicate with one another. They not only lovingly care for their offspring, but also for old and sickly neighbours. Trees have sensations, feelings and memories. In his book, forester Peter Wohlleben shines a light into these thickets and offers a surprising look into the mysterious universe of the forest. 

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‘The Repaš forest is the source of many oaks used by Bauwerk, which gives them a second life. In which country is this forest located?’

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