Three different designs

Parquet’s durability is not predetermined primarily by how thick the top layer is, but by the quality of its designs, the flawless adhesion of the top layer and its precise processing.

Bauwerk Parquet’s range offers three different constructions of parquet. The first distinction is between the 2-layer and 3-layer designs. Within the 2-layer products there is a further differentiation in the supporting layer. There are product groups based on a spruce pine underlay and product groups that rest on an HDF underlay. Irrespective of the designs, we guarantee the best Bauwerk quality combined with expertise and the latest technology.

Spruce-fir underlay

HDF underlay

Spruce-fir middle layer with
HDF endpieces

2-Layer Parquet

2-layer parquet is always fully bonded to the subfloor, which reduces footfall sound remarkably. Thanks to its low construction height, 2-layer parquet offers excellent low values in thermal resistance and is therefore predestined for installation on underfloor heating systems.  In addition, 2-layer parquet can be easily installed without joints next to other floor coverings or fixes components.

Top layer: The uppermost layer – the so-called top or wear layer – is made from real wood that is at least 2.5 mm thick. A variety of noble woods can be used for the top layer – for example oak, beech, maple, walnut or cherry tree. The top layer can be sanded and refurbished several times making it particularly resource-friendly.

Supporting layer/Underlay: The supporting layer is made of softwood elements (spruce-fir underlay) bonded crosswise the top layer or an HDF substrate, which is a wood composite.


Spruce-fir underlay

This underlay is the classic version of a parquet underlay and is made from 100 % European real wood.  In order to ensure premium Bauwerk quality, we only use wood with vertical growth rings, as these  have a much better dimensional stability than horizontal ones, meaning that the under-layer has a well balanced shrinking-swelling behavior.  

HDF underlay

By using HDF technology, Bauwerk combines the natural look and unique feel of a real wooden floor with impressive performance and durability. This high-tech parquet offers all the advantages of a wooden floor with a traditional spruce-fir underlay – but with a top layer of 2.5 to 3 millimetres. The HDF support also permits an even more sustainable and careful use of valuable noble wood.

High density fibreboards as a resilient and durable base

Due to its high density and fully bonded top layer, parquet with a supporting layer made from HDF has a permanently stable form. Bauwerk HDF parquet can therefore be sanded as often as parquet made from classic, softwood supporting layers, which require a thicker top layer. As a fact, the effective usability and durability is not predetermined primarily by the thickness of the top layer, but rather by the quality of its construction, the proper adhesion of the top layer and its precise processing.


3-Layer Parquet

The 3-layer parquet makes fewer demands on the subfloor and accommodates a floating installation. The products are also suitable for installing on underfloor heating systems. The parquet elements are connected by tongue and groove joints.

Top layer: The uppermost layer – the so-called top or wear layer – is made from real wood that is at least 3.5 mm thick. A variety of exotic woods can be used for the top layer – for example oak, beech, maple, walnut or cherry tree.

Middle layer: The middle layer consists of softwood elements (spruce fir), which are glued across the surface, with HDF end pieces.

Countering layer: The 3-layer prefinished parquet has a countering layer. It further stabilises the overall construction and is made from spruce veneer.

Bauwerk’s wooden floors introduce a true piece of nature to your home, bringing warmth to your everyday life. Its palpable natural character appeals to all senses and creates a healthy, perfectly balanced atmosphere of well-being in every room.
Thanks to our flair for aesthetics and a strong sense of intelligent functionality, we highlight and reimagine the unrivalled features of authentic wood. This is how Bauwerk makes parquet to suit personal needs: clear, valuable, timeless.
Our ideas and work have always been marked by passion, precision and care. This is how we make top-quality parquet to meet the highest expectations. Every floor made by Bauwerk is a result of decades of experience and the closest attention to detail. These traits make our floors unique, life-long companions.
For us, innovation means continuously looking at wood in new ways — as a full product solution and in terms of our customer service, care and renovation. However, our goal is always the same: making floors that provide an unforgettable living experience.