Technical capabilities, top-quality, authentic materials and natural forms all mark this space. A bulky workbench is skilfully turned into a stage for still life, rustic planks serve as a writing desk in the study, and freely hanging clothes give air to the bedroom.

Whether it is in a fine texture, smooth, light or in a special ship deck pattern using Formpark Oak. Parquet  is a valuable part of nature that enriches both rural and modern styles homes and gives them that final personal touch. It is the natural look of textured surfaces, the rustic gradings and the light colours in particular that give rooms a warm, genuine and animated feel. And in the end, we lay witness to the bringing together of animation with authenticity and simplicity with real experiences.

The scent of a freshly mowed meadow by the slopes of the Grison mountains, fruit that is ready to pick from your own garden – the longing for nature lives on. The desire for peace and enduring values is noticeable in every detail.

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Bauwerk’s wooden floors introduce a true piece of nature to your home, bringing warmth to your everyday life. Its palpable natural character appeals to all senses and creates a healthy, perfectly balanced atmosphere of well-being in every room.
Thanks to our flair for aesthetics and a strong sense of intelligent functionality, we highlight and reimagine the unrivalled features of authentic wood. This is how Bauwerk makes parquet to suit personal needs: clear, valuable, timeless.
Our ideas and work have always been marked by passion, precision and care. This is how we make top-quality parquet to meet the highest expectations. Every floor made by Bauwerk is a result of decades of experience and the closest attention to detail. These traits make our floors unique, life-long companions.
For us, innovation means continuously looking at wood in new ways — as a full product solution and in terms of our customer service, care and renovation. However, our goal is always the same: making floors that provide an unforgettable living experience.