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It was the only building that survived the city fire, and thus is the oldest in St. Gallen. In the vaulted cellar, dating back from 1460, and the adjacent garage, Eveline Frischknecht operates a jewellery shop..

It was the only building that survived the city fire, and thus is the oldest in St. Gallen. In the vaulted cellar, dating back from 1460, and the adjacent garage, Eveline Frischknecht operates a jewellery shop..

In the autumn of 2006, the skilled goldsmith, Eveline Frischknecht, opened her jewellery shop in a listed vaulted cellar that dates back to the 15th century. Eleven years later she was able to rent the adjacent garage, almost doubling her retail space and further extending the shop window. Metre-thick walls had to be broken down to create the two large archways joining the vaulted cellar and the garage – but this was not the only challenge to be overcome, as the interior designer, Ina Rinderknecht, from Cavigelli & Rinderknecht AG explains. “We had to connect the rooms visually, and we managed to do this by installing the parquet at a 45 degree angle from the entrance.” When deciding on the wooden floor, Ina Rinderknecht chose “Studiopark Master Edition, Oak, Muscat” from Bauwerk Parkett, firstly because its colour radiates warmth and secondly because it fits in beautifully with the inlays of brass and white marble. The inlays break up the parquet floor thereby accentuating the unusual, but roomy feeling diagonal of the floor.

Because the ceiling is vaulted, arranging the lighting for the rooms and the jewellery in particular posed a further challenge. Eveline Frischknecht had also expressed her wish for the rooms to be reminiscent of an elegantly designed cottage industry studio whilst simultaneously maintaining the feel of a museum. The interior designer incorporated this idea of an artisan workshop in the lighting: lantern-like lamps were mounted above the individual display cases to reflect the style of the Middle Ages. The glass of the display cases refracts the light beautifully, so that all the wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, chains and earrings shine in sparkling splendour. To instil the feel of a museum, there are small information panels next to each gem and piece of jewellery in the individual display cases. A few unique pieces are also on display in addition to numerous pieces of jewellery from a whole variety of collections.

The workshop concept also features high-quality wooden flooring. It was manufactured in the German Schotten & Hansen parquet factory. Each floor is a handmade, limited, unique production and therefore something very special. In the light, the fascinating, shimmering colours of "Studiopark Master Edition, Oak, Nutmeg" express themselves creatively. "Eveline Frischknecht Fine Jewellery" and the parquet floor by Bauwerk Parkett not only combines production quality, but also uniqueness and patterns of light, making the parquet perfectly suitable for the St. Gallen jewellery shop.

The March 2017 renovation took four weeks. In addition to oak, brass and marble, interior designer Ina Rinderknecht used lime for the walls and exposed concrete for the base of the large showcase. All these materials combine to lend the historic room a pleasant warmth and noble, yet down-to-earth character.


Studiopark Master Edition

The Master Edition combines the competence and experience of two prominent parquet flooring manufacturers with a long tradition. Each plank tells its own unique story full of passion, aesthetics and sense of precision.

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