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Hilton Hotel in Como

Conrad Nicholson “Nicky” Hilton Jr., son of the legendary hotel founder Conrad Hilton, enjoyed some happy times with Elizabeth Taylor at the Villa d'Este. The region, once famous for its grand hotels, has now been re-awakened from its slumber.

Conrad Nicholson “Nicky” Hilton Jr., son of the legendary hotel founder Conrad Hilton, enjoyed some happy times with Elizabeth Taylor at the Villa d'Este. The region, once famous for its grand hotels, has now been re-awakened from its slumber.

The town of Como close to the Swiss border with its charming surroundings have become an attractive destination once more for international travellers. The well-known hotel chain is making its debut with the Hilton Lake Como on the shores of Lake Como, which is the largest hotel in the area with 170 rooms, all fitted with Bauwerk parquet. The exceptional view of the lake, its impressive architecture and luxurious furnishings are the perfect starting point for a pleasant stay.

The new Hilton Lake Como Hotel is located next to the neo-classic style Villa Olmo, which attracts tourists from all over the world with its displays and park. The setting of the new hotel is unique, as it is right by the lake and only a few steps away from the bustling city centre with all its shops and restaurants. The Hilton Lake Como project is a collaborative effort between the architect Dario Pietro Cazzaniga, co-founder of the Cazzaniga Ortalli studio in Erba, and the architect Monica Limonta, who specialises in elegant interiors. The result is a complex of buildings based on traditional values, with the latest technology and in keeping with the highest demands. Following the mandatory prerequisite that the two existing buildings be preserved and adapted to today's requirements, a new connecting element was erected between the two existing buildings. This intermediate structure in the form of a glass pavilion now acts as a lobby and internal access to the ground floor. The spacious sizing of the modern Casapark parquet floor in trendy dark oak Farina smoked is particularly well-suited under the glass pavilion and fits in beautifully with the overall architectural concept.

In Building A there is the main entrance for the hotel guests, the attractively designed reception and the modernly furnished Caffè Taffetà. The choice of the natural oiled Casapark oak parquet from Bauwerk also contributes to the impression of elegance here. Above it are two floors of superior rooms and two-storey suites, which have deliberately comfortable and informal interior design and furnishings, and are designed to make guests feel at home. The glass pavillion on the ground floor leads to Building B, to the trendy Ristorante Satin together with the kitchen and service rooms. The luxurious spa sanctuary with its relaxation areas and treatment rooms is in the wing facing Cernobbio. Above this is one of the special attractions of the new hotel complex: the high-ceiling ballroom. With its balcony overlooking the courtyard and view of the glass-enclosed lobby, it is perfect for individual occasions. The hotel rooms are on the upper floors, which are adapted to the special needs and requirements of the guests based on a whole variety of different typologies. The large roof terrace is the “Place to be” and a special highlight with its swimming pool and modern, elegant restaurant and a comfortable lounge zone in the outdoor area.

The architects Dario Pietro Cazzaniga and Monica Limonta chose the Casapark 1-strip planks from Bauwerk for the entire floor area, because in addition to the elegant appearance of the hotel, great emphasis was placed on health living, high-quality material and sustainability. 7,000 m2 of 3-layer planks in oak smoked Farina, natural oiled and bevelle don two sides, were installed in all 170 rooms and suites as well as in all the corridors, the Ristorante Satin and in the main lobby.



The generously sized Casapark 1-strip oak planks accentuate the individual mood of each room with their distinctive diversity.

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