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Residential building

Chalet Puntschella

Swiss pine, larch, oak: This triad is the opposite of wooden. When entering a home in the Pontresina village in Engadine, this combination makes an immediate sensual impression. The scent of the wood is a silent welcome.

Swiss pine, larch, oak: This triad is the opposite of wooden. When entering a home in the Pontresina village in Engadine, this combination makes an immediate sensual impression. The scent of the wood is a silent welcome.

The oak floorboards were made by Bauwerk Parquet. The wide Silverline Edition boards in rustic 35 grading provide a calm and neutral basis that works well with the other wood types. For the ceiling, the architect decided on steamed, brushed larch. This natural surface treatment has the advantage of preventing any yellowing of the wood and preserving the original mat appearance for many years.

The clever lighting concept developed by the owner, a specialist in the field, is another highlight of this beautiful flat. Indirect light, some which is integrated into the beams, is the main component, emphasising the room height of 4.5 metres. Modern technology allows for different atmospheric light settings. A fireplace which is open on two sides contributes to the cosy atmosphere. The construction serves as a room divider and offers two perspectives of the warm fire light. A perfect blend of various elements that makes for a harmonious composition, especially in combination with the breath-taking mountain panorama.

This generous attic flat is the holiday home of a large family. The parents both grew up in the region but left Engadine some time ago. The fact that roots are made from wood is very present in this property.  Although the natural wood plays the main role in the different rooms, it has been intentionally combined with other materials, such as stone in individual walls. «We did not want to overdo it with the wood», says the owner. His brother is an architect and the search for harmonious solutions was a joint effort. Each type of wood used in this home has its own history and appeal. The dining table in the open-plan eat-in kitchen is made from planks saved from the preceding building. Parts of the old house were so decrepit that the owners decided to construct a new building. The whole family appreciates the fact that a part of the old building lives on in their dining table which is, after all, a symbolic piece of furniture.  The doors and the fitted furniture are made from Local Swiss pine and are mainly responsible for the prevailing olfactory note. Swiss pine is, however, too soft for floors which are therefore made from a harder material, not least because the family regularly hosts friends with families including teenage children.


The Silverline Edition Collection

The exclusive planks of the Silverline Edition are carefully hand-picked from particularly fine oaks grown straight upright. The cut of the planks creates fine straight lines running lengthwise. It is extremely rare to find perfect planks in this length, because oaks grow very slowly and need decades to reach this size. The distinctive grading underscores the uniqueness of the wood – so every Silverline floor tells its own story.

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Bauwerk’s wooden floors introduce a true piece of nature to your home, bringing warmth to your everyday life. Its palpable natural character appeals to all senses and creates a healthy, perfectly balanced atmosphere of well-being in every room.
Thanks to our flair for aesthetics and a strong sense of intelligent functionality, we highlight and reimagine the unrivalled features of authentic wood. This is how Bauwerk makes parquet to suit personal needs: clear, valuable, timeless.
Our ideas and work have always been marked by passion, precision and care. This is how we make top-quality parquet to meet the highest expectations. Every floor made by Bauwerk is a result of decades of experience and the closest attention to detail. These traits make our floors unique, life-long companions.
For us, innovation means continuously looking at wood in new ways — as a full product solution and in terms of our customer service, care and renovation. However, our goal is always the same: making floors that provide an unforgettable living experience.