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House on the lake

The predominant features behind the well thought-out overall concept of this house in Langenargen on Lake Constance are natural, pollutant-tested materials, intelligent building technology and future-oriented living. The simple and modern building is an ideal place to feel good, live and grow old.

The «house on the lake», a newly built house designed by architect Stephan Rehm, is based on the style of the surrounding buildings, is a pilot project that complies with the latest and most stringent seal for good health in Germany. The house furthermore meets the current highest standards of the health certificate «Healthy living building project plus», which is newly developed by the eco-house specialists Baufritz, TÜV Rheinland and the Sentinel Haus Institut. Natural and pollutant-free materials were carefully and deliberately chosen, such as the parquet from Bauwerk, which was awarded with the Sentinel Haus certification, in order to create an eco-house with a noticeable healthy interior climate.

The house, designed for two people, is secluded and set back from the busy street side. Only the atrium with its indirect lighting gives any signs of openness here. By contrast, the side facing the garden and Lake Constance with its floor-to-ceiling glazing on the ground and upper floors offers expansive views to the outside. In addition, the generously sized window fronts create a smooth transition between the interior and exterior. Light colours, natural materials such as oak or limestone, and intelligent building technology pervade the interior rooms. The indirect lighting in every room also creates an atmospheric and homely ambience. Keeping the future in mind, Stephan Rehm made the house virtually free from obstacles. As a result, the «Haus am See» ticks lots of boxes and its special forward-thinking concept forms a great home to retire in with all the creature comforts.


A house where you can grow old

On the ground floor there is an open-plan kitchen next to the dining and living area. Elegant materials combined with wooden furniture offer a cosy feel. Cooking becomes a delightful experience with a view over the garden and whilst relaxing together in the lounge, there is unbeatable view over Lake Constance to be enjoyed. Large glass sliding doors open directly onto the covered terrace. The bedroom with an open-plan bathroom is on the first floor of this two and a half storey new build. Only birch trunks in a natural finish are used as a small, room partitioning. This open floor plan means the breath-taking view of the lake cannot just be seen from the bed, but also from the free-standing bathtub. The attic, which acts as a studio, offers yet another highlight. The sleeping area with two beds that look like berths, provides for a fun overnight stay and can also be closed off with a sliding door - a special experience to be enjoyed by young and old alike. This area is likewise pervaded by light colours, which in combination with the Formpark parquet floor in deep brushed natural oiled oak creates a cosy atmosphere. The special feature of this parquet is its different formats that facilitate countless laying patterns. This is clearly evident in the novel laying pattern in the attic, which makes the studio look calm or dynamic depending on the incidence of light.

Stephan Rehm has created a technically refined house with a harmonious layout and wonderful visual connections into nature. With regard to age-appropriate and sustainable living, a new build has been designed that is characterised by a modern and contemporary concept. A house you can «grow old» in.



Although the idea is deceptively simple, it has never been done before. Formpark can be installed either in parallel or at a right angle thanks to its 1:3 and 1:2 proportions.

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