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Park-Tower in Zug

High-rises are a model for creating new living concepts....

High-rises are a model for creating new living concepts....

...These also pose a challenge in planning the various applications. Zurich architect Naomi Hajnos was tasked with designing the interiors of most of the flats (as well as offices and clinics), with 3 to 4 flats per floor of the 25-floor Park-Tower building in Zug developed by axess Architekten (Zug) and Cometti Truffer Architekten (Lucerne).

She studied in detail the various preferences of the owners of the flats and designed the specific floor plans and application concepts as well as material and colour combinations. They subtly reflect the urban character of Zug’s new landmark. The uncompromising approach to the quality of the materials used is also reflected in the selection of the flooring. We had a chat with the architect and asked her about her own experiences with Bauwerk Parkett products.

What was the biggest challenge of this project?

There was no standard layout plan. We designed every flat according to the personal needs of the owners, each with a unique pattern. 

What was the first step in developing the interior design?

We always begin with the floors, respectively with its materialization. In seventy per cent of the flats, we used wood everywhere. Looking for a suitable parquet, we relatively quickly found the products from Bauwerk Parkett. They fit well with the modern image of Park-Tower. They’re broad and yet discreet elements and have a wonderful, silky sheen and are unique to the touch. We found this ideal for the rather cold, straight-line architecture. The flats’ large window fronts let in a lot of light, which really makes the quality of the parquet apparent.

Where did you use parquet in general?

Even in flats with cast or stone floors, we used parquet in the bedrooms, bringing warmth to the most private space of the home. We also often installed walk-in closets, with cast walls and floors. In the living rooms, we matched the walls to the hood colour, creating a uniform mood for the interiors.

What products did you work with?

We liked the Formpark parquet very much. Thanks to the flexibility of the laying patterns, you can meet very specific client requirements. At the same time, the overall impression remains simple, which is important for me. The lighting provides a unique dimension to the patterns. We played around with this effect, especially in the large rooms.

What about colours?

I often like lighter-coloured floors. In this case, however, I tried to impress the owners with dark floors. The more light there is, the more suitable a dark floor is, and Bauwerk Parkett offers very beautiful shades of wood. 

Does a wooden floor really work in the bathroom, too?

Certainly, and this goes well with the trend for more cosiness in the bathroom. Smooth transitions between the bedroom and the bathroom enhance this effect. Wooden floors look gorgeous with a free-standing bath. With an open shower, you should be somewhat careful and plan the process well.

What was your cooperation with Bauwerk Parkett like?

It was great! It was handled very professionally throughout. The showroom is excellent, too. The quality is always as expected, there are no unpleasant surprises, which I highly appreciate.

With interior design, we always start with the floor, meaning we decide on what it will be made from. In seventy per cent of the apartments we used wood throughout. When looking for a suitable parquet, we came across Bauwerk Parquet products relatively quickly. They fit in well with the modern look of Park Tower.

Naomi Hajnos, Interior Designer


While studying architecture at ETH Zurich, Naomi Hajnos received a scholarship at Harvard University. She studied at Herzog & de Meuron and Hans Kollhoff. In Zurich, she designed interior concepts for various trendy restaurants (such as the restaurant «Piazza»), shops (e.g. «Monsieur Dubois») and doctors offices. At the Park Tower in Zug, she planned the expansion of numerous apartments and offices. For the kitchen on the 10th floor of the Park Tower, she received the Jury Prize of the Swiss Kitchen Award. Her work also includes detached houses and apartment blocks, refurbishments, urban development projects and a recently completed public space project. She taught in the fields of interior design and living at the ETH Zurich and the FHNW Basel. 



Although the idea is deceptively simple, it has never been done before. Formpark can be installed either in parallel or at a right angle thanks to its 1:3 and 1:2 proportions.

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