The kitchen is the hub of a home. It is a place for socialising and talking. All the best get-togethers happen in the kitchen and cosy cooking evenings with friends are really taking off. This is where delicious dishes are prepared and you can enjoy being together in this place of wellbeing.

When building a new home, people often want a large living and dining area with an integrated kitchen. A parquet floor that flows throughout the living room and kitchen area, underlines the spaciousness of the living area and forms a harmonious unit. Plus: Parquet is as durable in the kitchen as it is in other rooms.

With the right parquet, full-surface bonding and carefully sealed joints, moisture cannot build up under the floor or in crevices. It is particularly important to carry out the proper initial treatment and maintenance care, in order to optimally protect the parquet even from dirt.


Remove stains and liquids quickly.

As a general rule, it should only be wiped with a moist cloth, as too much water can damage the parquet floor.

Aggressive cleaners are taboo.




It is advisabel to regularly reapply the oil on natural oiled parquet floors (once or twice a year).