Radiant colour accents contrast with seductive, warm colours to create a fascinating setting for choice individual objects collected from all around the world. Ornate wood carvings, cushions straight out of 1001 Nights, Buddha figures, Japanese screens, delicate ornaments and woven baskets are personal testimonies to the skill of craftsmanship from foreign shores.

Carefully selected, the planks set the base for an exotic touch. Be it a smoked or simply lime-washed parquet, or an exotic doussie — finely matched and skilfully combined, these floors can help us relive memories of our travels. Formats, colours, structures and laying types  complement each other. With clear contrasts or subtle harmony, they speak of the world traveller’s wanderlust, naturally accepting every new souvenir.

The spirit of discovery and curiosity has always driven us to explore foreign countries and cultures. Local materials and craftsmanship come together with European influences to create a cosmopolitan living style that we enrich our homes with.

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