Precious unexpected treasures from the flea market, an elegant chandelier, casually draped fabrics, comfortable sofas, carefully selected designer objects – an expertly collated nonchalant collection of timeless elegance. Personal style takes precedence over the spirit of the times. Comfort instead of convention –  the room is characterised by its grace and allure.

Depending on the type of wood and surface, the floor subtly underscores the elegance of the room or even becomes a defining piece of furniture itself. Oak Avorio with an exclusive laying type as a distinctive foundation for strong highlights, or the natural gloss of Oak Mandorla as a perfect addition to leather and chrome. Parquet adds and highlights: sometimes pointed, sometimes elegantly restrained. It forms an elegant harmony with classic Modernist furniture as well as straight-line modern installation, while always remaining timeless and durable.

Elegance is not dictated to by periods or styles of interior design – it can be abundant and grandiose as well as sleek and understated. Charming unusual artefacts ingeniously blur the lines delineating what is classic and modern whilst never losing their beauty.

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