Light, open spaces characterise urban life and personal style is the measure of all things. A nostalgic industrial look or an enthusiastic experimentation with contrasting combinations and rich colours? Urban cocooning full of light, ease and calm? Or emphasized streamlined simplicity? Anything goes.

Accents set through powerful colours, deliberate stylistic juxtapositions and different materials. And so, the search for something special between concrete and asphalt can also be found in the flooring with the warm look of the natural oak that looks like building blocks, or Cleverpark in smoked oak crema for that more snug feel. The city dwellers of this world specifically choose parquet flooring as the platform for the personal design of their living space.

Cities are alive and dynamic; inspiring trends are constantly reinventing themselves from different influences, cultures and ideas. Although living areas in the city are limited, inexhaustible creativity can create maximum comfort in the smallest of rooms.

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