Orientation thanks to the Grading Index

Every tree trunk, every wooden board and therefore every parquet strip is unique. In order to achieve the desired look for a parquet floor, Bauwerk assigns the individual strips to the so-called Grading Index based on wood characteristics. The Grading Index ranges from 1 to 6. Each one represents a wood characteristic like the "mirror" (= medullary rays), large and small knots, sapwood (= water–bearing capillaries) and various strengths of interplay of colours. Number 1 is very regular and uniform, number 6 stands for a characterful and lively look. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 represent the grading in between. Grading 13 means that all the wood characteristics from 1 to 3 can be included. A grading of 35, on the other hand, only contains the wood characteristics 3 to 5.

The basic rule is that the smaller the number, the less variation there is in the grading, the bigger it is, the more rustic it will look (12/13 = very calm, 14 = calm, 15/24/34/25/35 = lively 45/46 = rustic)

Villapark Parquet Oak


Villapark Oak 12: A very calm grading.

Villapark Parquet Oak Mandorla


Villapark Oak Mandorla 46: A very rustic, lively grading full of character.