Brushing gives the wood a fine, noticeable structure creating subtle contrasts in its reflections. The structure of the wood becomes particularly noticeable when walked on barefoot. Bauwerk Parkett distinguishes between different surface structures: slightly brushed, brushed and deep brushed. If no surface structure is selected, then the product is sanded for a smooth finish.



The slight slant of an edge is called a bevel. Bevels emphasise the plank aspect of the floor and give the room a distinctive look.

Without bevel

If the planks do not have a bevel, the room has a calmer and more continuous look.

Bevelled on two sides
Two-sided bevelling is only found on the long sides of each plank, which makes the room look longer.

Bevelled on four sides​​​
Four-sided bevelling gives each individual plank a more pronounced look.

Used Look

Parquet that tells a story 

Every used look floor tells its very own story and adds a special warm feeling to a room. Worn edges and a beautiful patina characterise these trend products, and the individual signs of use make the floors more attractive over time. These factors also make the used look parquet very easy to treat and look after.