The natural play of colours in wood

Wood is a natural product that slowly develops its natural colour. This happens especially in the early days and it enhances the character of flooring made ​​from real wood. Wood can become darker or lighter with age, or change its shade. Exotic woods in particular change in colour very quickly and rather markedly

Stained wood

These woods change their colour somewhat differently. Sunlight has hardly any effect on the stain used. It does, however, have an effect on the underlying wood substrate, whereby the colours (e.g. white) become slightly yellow – exactly the same effect as with wood that has not been stained. However, the dark stains protect the wood more and the surface is less affected than a surface that has not been stained.

Smoked wood

The colour tones of smoked wood hardly change at all. Smoked oak only lightens slightly through exposure to sunlight and becomes more golden

Alternating colour changes as a result of
light sources and the incident light

The temperature of the light changes our perception and influences our moods. Cold light has a rather refreshing and invigorating effect, and is therefore often used in work situations. Warm light, on the other hand, creates a feeling of security and provides a cosy atmosphere, and is used in bedrooms and living rooms.

As the light temperature changes in the course of the day, our perception of the floor will also be affected. Light creates atmosphere. Light has literally thousands of facets, because light is both colour and temperature. Light changes our perceptions and affects our moods. It is therefore important to consider the factor of light in the design of the

Experience on siteDaylight simulation

You have the opportunity to experience our Daylight Simulator in our Parquet World in St. Margrethen & Wallisellen, as well as in the Style Factories (Stilwerken) in Berlin & Düsseldorf. Thanks to special light sources, we have the possibility of demonstrating the play of colours of the natural product wood over the complete light spectrum. The specially created parquet pyramid clearly shows how your favourite parquet would look under changing light conditions, for example, by candlelight.

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Minimal change with UV radiation

With the surface sealant B-Protect®, you retain the naturalness of the wood despite the sealing. The special advantage of the surface: even after prolonged exposure to sunlight, the appearance only changes to a minimal degree.