From light to dark

Bauwerk offers a wide range of wood colours. Various factors determine the colour of the parquet. The natural colour of the wood forms the foundation. If a natural oil or lacquer is applied to the wood, it darkens the parquet. This is called "priming" in technical terms. The B-Protect lacquer is unique in this respect: The special lacquer prevents this kind of priming, thereby helping the wood retain an untreated appearance.

Very natural looking colours can be created owing to the pigmentation of the natural oil and lacquer. Bauwerk basis its selection on the current trends in interior design and furnishings.

Colour-changing wood treatments


Changing natural oak to smoked oak is a long process. It takes two whole months until the oak is completely smoked throughout and ready to be processed. Bauwerk Parquet has perfected the process of smoking wood and guarantees 100% healthy living, here too.

The dark colour is impressive as it is so natural and remains consistent even if it is sanded.

Slightly smoked

The process is the same as for the smoked products, but it takes considerably less time. As a consequence, the colour of wood is not consistent throughout.

The slightly smoked products turn a light brown to beige colour and look very natural.



We help you choose your parquet in a fun way.

With over 400parquet floors in nine wood types and 61 colours, Bauwerk provides the ideal solution for every application and every taste.