Healthy living guaranteed

With its Sentinel-Haus certification and its distinction of Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold, Bauwerk offers a unique guarantee: Building owners and their families have the assurance that Bauwerk products will not be detrimental to their health. In other words, Bauwerk stands for a pleasant, healthy living space.

Why is this important?

We spend 80 to 90 percent of our life closed indoors and we breath in ten to twenty cubic metres of air there. The building envelopes used today are practically airtight making perfect sense when it comes to energy-saving issues. However, the exchange of air within the building is so minimised that pollutants from the most varied of sources can accumulate in a room. The first prerequisite for healthier rooms is therefore certified building components. Bauwerk already started consistently testing and reviewing its products together with the Sentinel Haus Institut back in 2010.

Is parquet itself actually healthy?

No, although wood is a natural, renewable resource, when parquet is produced, other substances such as adhesives, lacquers and oils are also used. The materials used at Bauwerk meet the highest standards. To guarantee this, Bauwerk regularly inspects the materials through independent institutes in various countries.

Innovative noise reduction

Our hearing perceives intrusive sounds or quickly changing sounds as noise. By bonding the parquet, the sound made by walking can be significantly reduced. With Silente technology, Bauwerk has developed an innovative system solution that reduces ambient and impact sound even more, which is a really big issue for renovations.

Invisible, but measurable

A high standard of health indoors does not happen by accident, it can be technically planned and it is measurable. In addition to the pollutant-free ambient air and the pleasant acoustics, parquet flooring impresses with its other strengths. Parquet floors do not build up static, they feel warm on cold feet and still remain pleasantly cool on hot summer days.