The Bauwerk range offers products with different surface treatments. They protect the wood from wear and dirt and are all 100 % healthy for living. Most of our products are natural oiled or lacquered, our innovative B-Protect® surface combines a natural dull-matte look with all the advantages of traditional lacquering. Bauwerk parquet surfaces are free from harmful emissions, nanoparticles, or harmful substances such as phthalates and plasticisers. There is also another advantage: our parquet has antibacterial and antiviral properties.   

Natural oiled – sensual, natural, easy to repair

The parquet is treated with an oxidative drying natural oil. Several layers impregnate deeply into the wood, which effectively protects the wood whilst at the same time preserving its naturalness. The matte look and authentic feel of this treatment will appeal to all of your senses. The highly durable, breathable surface accentuates the natural appearance of the wood and is very easy to repair. While a natural-oiled floor requires some care, it is worth the effort thanks to its high resistance to soiling.

Matte lacquered – practical, lasting, functional

Lacquering is an impregnating surface treatment consisting of several applications of paper-thin layers of lacquer. This high-quality lacquering adds a silk-matte sheen, highlighting the fine features of the wood and protecting it even under the most demanding conditions. This highly durable and extremely easy-to-care-for surface treatment with resistance to soiling makes a natural floor fit for any living environment.

B-Protect® –

Natural surface with invisible protection

With the surface finish “B-Protect ®”, Bauwerk Parquet once again affirms itself as an innovator and sets new standards in the lacquering of parquet. The difference between a surface treated with B-Protect® and natural, untreated wood is virtually imperceptible – but in terms of functionality, it offers all the advantages of a classic lacquer.

Bauwerk can help you even more: she is the cleaning expert for Bauwerk Parquet

Do you have questions on how to clean and look after your parquet? Rosa is happy to share her many years of knowledge and experience about Bauwerk on the subject of cleaning and maintaining parquet. For every situation and every floor – whether lacquered or natural oiled – she has the right expert tip. This makes cleaning and caring for your parquet even easier and you will be able to enjoy your high-quality Bauwerk parquet floor for many years to come.