This unique surface treatment creates a raw-surface appearance combined with a natural dull-matte look and all the advantages of traditional lacquering. This innovation by Bauwerk is durable and easy to care for. Another advantage of this treatment is the minimum discolouration of the wood even with prolonged exposure to light.


Floors sealed with B-Protect® do not need any special care, they are UV-stable, resistant to stains, optimally protected against scratches and 100 % healthy for living.
B-Protect® is an invisible multi-layer lacquer that is applied repeatedly during the production process. The unique composition seals the surface of the parquet. B-Protect’s unique feature is that despite the application of the lacquer there is no „firing“, i.e. a change in colour of the wood as a raw material

The latest findings of the tests conducted by Holzforschung Austria confirm the colour-fastness of this surface treatment: parquet floors with B-Protect® experience less than half of the change of colour due to UV radiation that parquets with other common surface treatments do. Thus, B-Protect® offers an important feature that is unique compared to other lacquering systems.

The advantages of B-Protect® surfaces 

Natural Look

  • You can hardly tell the difference between B-Protect® and natural, untreated wood
  • Very matt finish

Best Protection

  • All the protective properties of a lacquer
  • UV-stable: minimum discolouration
  • 100 % healthy for living

Easy Care

  • Very easy cleaning and care

Hardly visible to the naked eye – but B-Protect® sustainably protects and preserves the natural look and feel of the wood.

Mijo Zeba, Surface Specialist at Bauwerk Parquet