Wood is a wonderful, natural material that people have used and processed over the ages: Wood lives and breathes and it is unique in its colours, structure and warm surface. Wood is always different and unmistakably natural. When properly processed, its irregularities make it truly beautiful and give every home a cosy, warm feel.


Maple is particularly rich in species and is prevalent in Europe, Canada and America. This valuable broadleaved wood is characterised by the ease with which it is processed and its high resistance to wear and tear.

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The acacia tree (Robinia pseudoacacia) is a member of the papilionaceae family and comprises more than 1,200 species

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Beech is a typical forest tree species found in Central Europe. Before human intervention, our woods were dominated by beech.

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Like the maple, ash is one of the noble hardwoods. Ash is a light, very strong and resilient wood with a distinctive grain pattern.

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As well as being an important deciduous tree for European forests, the oak also plays a significant role in the timber industry. The most prominent species used for the production of oak wood is the English oak, also referred to as the common oak or the pedunculate oak.

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Walnut has been one of the most popular woods for centuries. The American walnut tree is prevalent in Florida, Texas, Nebraska, Canada and Kansas as well as in some parts of Europe.


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Cherry is part of the rose family. The native species is particularly important for the production of quality wood. Because of its attractive reddish-brown colouring, cherry is a popular wood for decorative items and it is also used in making musical instruments.

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