Stairs made from parquet

Stairs have long ceased to be only the direct path to the upper floor. Rather, they are a detail-rich design element for an optimum spatial effect.


Elegant perfection. Create the perfect finish for your room arrangement with Bauwerk's extensive range of skirting von Bauwerk, which ensure a smooth transition to the wall and effectively cover expansion joints between the floor and wall.

Design possibilities with parquet

Wood is versatile and flexible – the perfect material for purposefully designing your living space with individual creations.

Ventilation grids

Ventilation grids are immediately apparent in other materials. When made of the same wood, they blend harmoniously into the setting. On request, Bauwerk will make ventilation grates that match your Bauwerk parquet. Your personal selection of form, wood type and surface treatment is used in custom-made work.


Beautiful, interior design details are possible with Bauwerk parquet thanks to its very compact structural strength and the full-area bonding, which means the parquet barely shrinks and swells. With our parquet it is possible to create gapless transitions to freestanding pillars, posts and door frames. Even transitions between different living areas, such as a parquet floor to a carpeted or tile floor, can be smoothly achieved. So you get a perfect overall impression, without the usually unsightly transition profiles.

Special solutions made of parquet

Today's demands on architecture and design work off the premise that a perfect solution can be found for every room and design situation. The classic parquet floor is also experiencing a facelift: Gone are the days of "off-the-shelf flooring". No matter whether it is heating grids, ledges, walls or ceilings, with the help of various, attractive solutions and well thought-out accessories, practically every idea can be implemented with products from Bauwerk.

Bauwerk quality stands for the highest standards and is based on the four pillars of Development, Production, Services and Installation. Using this system, we guarantee top quality at every stage of the production process – and far beyond.
Bauwerk, the company with a long tradition, has been manufacturing parquet for the most exacting demands with great care, precision and passion since 1935. Bauwerk is proud of its origins, but also focuses on innovation.
With the predicate of "Healthy Living", Bauwerk makes an important contribution to a better quality of life. Because the deliberate decision of only using materials that promote healthy living contributes significantly to one's personal well-being indoors.